Community Southern Baptist Church
Sunday, March 29, 2020

Teen Ministry

              Teens in Action Mission Statement
To know and understand Ephesians 5:15-17, striving everyday to walk as wise, not as
unwise, making the most of every opportunity to reach out to others and to know what
                                       the Lord's will is for my life.
        Youth Director & Youth Staff's vision for the teen ministry:
Our vision is to see each teen come to the understanding of who God really is,
have an intimate relationship with Christ and walk by faith.  To become more
evangelistic, having the desire to reach out to other teenagers by sharing their
faith in God's love and our ministry.
What direction do we want to see the teens move towards?
  1. Understand who God really is & what it means to them
  2. Have an intimate relationship with Christ
  3. Striving to walk as wise, not unwise
  4. Making the most of opportunities to reach out to others
How do we want to help get them there?
The main focus is to teach accountability, responsibility and the attitude that  
        helps us be successful:
     1. Accountable to who and why
     2. What are my responsibilities and why should I care?
     3. Attitude is everything!  How does it help me become successful?
The goal is to make lesson plans centered around the 3 focuses above.  The
lessons will be taught on Wednesday night sessions and weekly assignments
will be given.  3rd Sunday sessions are based on "Getting connected to God,
others & life.
Staff will meet each week for prayer and lesson outline:
Date & time Saturdays @ 11:30 a.m.
Please come prepared!  Whenever you have lesson subjects get with me
ahead of our meeting date and time.  It would be appreciated!
               Sister Mary Ann Reed 
            Teens in Action Director